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When you travel in Hanoi, do not forget to enjoy a bowl of ladders. Bun thang is a dish bearing a strong flavor of the Hanoi people, famous for its sophistication, sophistication, and elegant style. To make Hanoi standard noodle dish we follow the following recipe


  • Chickens: 1 chicken
  • Silk rolls: 200g
  • Pig’s tube bone: 500g
  • Dry squid beard: 50g
  • Tiger shrimp: 200g
  • Dried shrimp: 100g
  • Duck eggs: 3
  • Vermicelli with small stalks: 1kg
  • Scallion, coriander, dried onion, grilled ginger, shiitake mushrooms, dried radish
  • Spices: fish sauce, sand sugar, rock sugar, seasoning seeds, vinegar, delicious shrimp paste

How to make bun thang

Step 1: Processing broth

Salt and wash the chicken and then boil it for about 15 minutes to cook. Note boiling chicken in cold water and add a few slices of ginger to fragrant, a little salt to make the chicken dark. Take out the chicken and let it cool.

Dried shrimp and shiitake mushrooms soaked in water and then put in a pot of simmering broth.
If using dry squid, put it on the stove to scent, wash it and then put it in a pot of broth and simmer.
After the chicken has cooled, the family filtered the bones and then simmered them in a pot of broth.
To sweeten the water more, the whole family can use a tube bone.
If using the bone tube, boil it with salt, then wash it and put in a pot of simmered broth for 15-20 ‘.
After that, we can taste the salt fish sauce to taste.

Step 2: Make shrimp shrimp

Add a little cooking oil to cover the pan, the old hot oil for the pounded tiger prawns, add a little fish sauce and then roast for the shrimp to ripen, slightly dry into a prawn, then the plate.

Step 3: Rinse the eggs

Beat 2 eggs thoroughly with a little fish sauce. Eggs must be beaten carefully to make them thin.
Use a non-stick pan to cover the eggs. Put some cooking oil in a hot pan, smooth over the pan and then pour out the excess oil.
Pour the eggs a little, and smooth the surface of the pan evenly.
The whole family self-adjusts the amount of eggs depending on the size of the pan. Leave for a while and then slowly turn the eggs.

At this time, the pan is still hot, the second side will cook very quickly, the whole family will lift the pan and let the egg to a plate to cool and then cut into small pieces.

Step 4: Processing other ingredients

Thinly sliced silk rolls.
Dried radish soaked in hot water, picked out and squeezed out the water.
Strain the boiled chicken from above and chop it.
Fresh onions, washed and chopped lettuce. Small white onions

Step 5: Presentation

When you eat the noodles in a large bowl, eggs, sausages, chicken, radish, onions, add a little shrimp sauce and fill with broth, then squeeze more pieces of lemon juice, and add a few slices of chili.


Đánh giá post

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