How to make Korean kimchi at home

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Kimchi is also a familiar dish that appears in many family meals or restaurants and eateries. To help you confidently make a standard Korean Kimchi, we would like to share the recipe


  • 2 large cabbage trees about 3kg
    1 large white radish
    2 carrots
    1 medium sized onion
    1 ginger branch
    1 garlic bulb
    1 handful of scallions or chives
    80g – 100g glutinous rice flour
    1 – 1.2 liters of filtered water
    120g – 150g Korean chili powder
    80g – 100g sugar
    150ml – 200ml fish sauce
    200g – 300g large grain salt

    How to make Korean kimchi:

    Step 1: Chinese cabbage cut off the round stem of the radish, split the cabbage into two or four parts, dipped in water so that when sprinkled with salt, it will stick more. Rub salt into the white sheath and add salt to the inside of the lump, rub like so until all. Every 20-30 minutes, I turn to the face again. Just like that until the cabbage is pliable (it can be folded in and not cracked). When the cabbage is soft, rinse the cabbage 2-3 times with water to help reduce the salinity, place the cabbage in a basket to allow the cabbage to drain (do not squeeze the cabbage to drain the water quickly because it will crush the cabbage).

Step 2:

Carrots, radishes, onions, scallions, peel off, wash, and drain. Carrot, radish about 3cm shredded, scallion about 3cm. Chopped onions and pureed with ginger and garlic

Step 3: Make Kimchi sauce

Mix the glutinous rice powder with 1-2 liters of water, then heat on the stove. During the cooking process, be sure to stir your hands well so that the dough is not scorched at the bottom of the pot.

When you see the boiling dough, add the sugar, stir to dissolve, boil again and turn off the heat, let cool just. Next, you put Korean chili powder in and stir for 20 minutes and then pour the pureed onion, ginger, garlic mixture, remember to add fish sauce and mix well.

Step 4:

Add carrots, radishes, scallions to the above sauce. After that, apply the sauce over the white cabbage’s white cabbage. You should apply it very carefully so that all the cabbage has to be absorbed evenly.

Step 5:

Roll the kimchi and put it in a glass or plastic box. Note that the folding should be enough, not too tight, it will make the kimchi more water. You leave Kimchi outside at normal temperature for 2-3 days for fermentation, then store in the refrigerator and eat gradually.

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