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Eel is processed into dozens of dishes such as vermicelli, soup, porridge, braised, braised, grilled, fried, hot pot, salad but today we will go to make another dish that is grilled eel


  • 1 eel (weighs about 350g / 1)
  • 1 bed
  • 2 green pepper branches
  • 5 lemongrass trees
  • 1 handful of laksa leaves
  • 1 serving chopped lemongrass
  • Some other necessary spices: Salt, sugar, ground pepper, lemon juice …


    Eel cleansing the viscous with vinegar or you can also put the eel in a pot containing warm water, cover it for about 10 minutes, also help reduce the eel’s viscosity, cut the intestines along the belly, take the veins, then reattach each groove. about 3cm doc apart from eel belly.

Marinated eel: 1m salt coffee + 3m monosodium glutamate + 2m ground pepper coffee + 2m soy sauce soup + 1M minced garlic soup + 1M chili and saturated soup + 2M lemongrass and minced chili soup => marinate for 30 minutes

Put granulated salt in the clay pot into a full layer, let the lemongrass leave the plant crushed, add the herb, bed and dried chili. Place the circled eel on top. Lining lemongrass and green pepper again, cover the pot and cook over low heat.

When the eel is steamed, the meat is salty and very sweet, sliced to taste with salt and green pepper.



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