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Each hotpot dish has the presence of many kinds of delicious and juicy vegetables, however, not everyone can be eaten with vegetables.

There are vegetables, tubers and fruits, when eating hot pot, if the wrong combination can cause the dish to produce dangerous toxins that are harmful to health, you should stay away.

Seafood hotpot should not be eaten with tomatoes

The reason for this is that when you combine seafood, especially shrimp, with fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, the pentavenlent arsenic in this seafood will transform into arsenic trioxide, which is commonly referred to as jelly.

Credit, which can cause acute arsenic poisoning, even if it is severe, it can be life-threatening.

Chicken hotpot should not be eaten with oregano

The explanation for this taboo according to Oriental medicine of chicken meat belongs to the maple organ. And the spicy marjoram taste warm to break the gas (prevent the wind from gathering) to lower blood stasis.

Therefore, when combining this hot pot vegetables together, it can cause dizziness, tinnitus or tremor and itching.

Chicken hot pot dishes should be eaten with Thai banana, water spinach, bitter vegetables, water lilies, fresh mushrooms, and wormwood.

Beef hotpot should not be eaten with spinach

In Oriental medicine, spinach is cold, sour, slippery, and beef is temperate (warm), so when eaten together, it can cause people to eat stomachache, upset stomach …

Crab hot pot should not be served with celery, sweet potatoes, potatoes, bean sprouts

Eating celery with crab hot pot will affect the absorption of protein of the body. If you eat crab with sweet potatoes, potatoes can cause stones in the body.

Eating crab hot pot should not be used with bean sprouts because it has a very high risk of poisoning

Goat hotpot should not be eaten with vinegar

When you eat goat meat hot pot absolutely avoid eating vinegar because vinegar will destroy or reduce the most precious nutrients in goat meat.

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